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Practically can mean either ‘by a practical method’ or ‘very nearly, as good as’. You decide which applies to these fragmentary comments that might just qualify as Practical Theology.

I lecture in Practical Theology at St Mary’s College, the School of Divinity of the University of St Andrews, Scotland. I’m also the School of Divinity’s Distance Learning Officer, responsible for developing and running their postgraduate, part-time, distance learning programme.

My professional interests as a practical theologian lie in the area of citizenship, but particularly the field of cyber-democracy / e-democracy and issues of electronic surveillance. I’m attempting to engage with these social and political topics from the particular perspective of Christian theology.  I’m trying to see what contributions theology can make to these important aspects of life and what Christian theology needs to hear back as well.

I can’t promise to stick exclusively to these areas as something quite off piste might trigger some thoughts. Neither can I guarantee to respond to every comment. Why? Because I really do have a day-job and one that’s not short of people and issues needing attention.

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